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"I was barely breaking even until I used your strategies. I earned an extra $35,000.00 during the last 3 and a half months , and now I expect to make $500,000.00 a year! Plus, I cut my marketing costs in half, I spend less time doing grunt work, and I work less!"

Michael Heymans Diamond Bar, CA.

"Since initiating some of your ideas my business has been up 30%! My competition is wondering what's happening. They are surprised that I came from behind to start to lead the pack. I'm still learning and trying more of what I learned from your materials. Thanks for everything."

Jimmie Bush Honolulu, Hawaii.

"The marketijng world is full of pie-in-the-sky "fluff" marketers. I'm not impressed with promises until I have tested them in a practical way. I tested 3 specific techniques in my advertising copy that I learned from Brian. I made some changes and received an average of 15% per thousand! The test was small, but my results were HUGE in comparison with the pull of the previous letter I used BEFORE implementing the techniques I learned from Brian. The 15% response that I received from implementing just these 3 simple techniques made a believer out of me!"
Michael Temple Plymouth, NY

"The sales letters you developed are getting me a 20% appointment ratio. Getting appointments is so easy now!"

Tom Roberson Iowa




Nail Salon Marketing:
Manicure Pedicure Marketing Made Easy

- By Brian Maroevich

Stop pulling your hair wondering how to get more manicure pedicure clients.

Most nail salon and spa's are doing the same advertising, expecting different results. Try my advertising and watch as your phone rings and more customers rush through the door!

This nail salon marketing and advertising package consists of four 8.5 x 5.5 advertisements, and it's packed with some of the best ad copy you will find, making it a tremendous resource for future advertising campaigns, big or small.

You can use it as is, or change it to fit the sizing requirements in the marketing media you wish to use. It's in PDF format which is easily editable, and if you need it edited we can help.

You will get 4 ad variations to use as is, model in any marketing that you want to do, or mix and match! With all 4 advertising variations, you will have more than enough to use in your next marketing campaign.

You will also get a Special Nail Salon Marketing Report on how to market your manicure pedicure services and build your business faster than ever. But only if you order promptly because this report is worth $79.00 and I can't guarantee it will be available with this offer.

In addition, you will receive a nail salon marketing video that will show you the 'how and why' these ads will work better than anything else you'll use, how to change them, plus bonus tips and advertising tricks that nobody knows about. A $69.00 value!

The price for this manicure pedicure advertising package is just $7. This is a limited time offer, and can change at any time...

Here's why you should get it now. If you were to hire me to write this for you as a client I would charge anywhere from a low of $900, to a high of $1500.00. And clients gladly page this amount because the results they get are extraordinary...

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Order Now $7.00

Why Am I Only Charging $7?

Because once you see how much value my advertising brings to table, and mean value in terms of new customers and better results in your nail salon marketing, you'll become a customer for life. Simple as that.


If You Are Not Happy With The Ads For Any Reason, Or They Do Not Perform To Your Expectations, I Will Refund Your Money. All I ask is that you let send me a few details of your marketing campaign.

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Order Now $7.00


All the best,

Brian Maroevich, Salon Owner
Salon Marketing Advisor
415-892-3871 Fax: 415-449-3469

PS: All the risk is on me. You have nothing to lose. Get the ads, read the marketing report, and you decide.


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